picote cannon

Shoot branch lines with precision and control with the transparent design and compact structure of the Cannon.

Enables you to work where cumbersome inversion drums can’t; to install short liners down to only DN50/2” in diameter. Simply shoot and cure multiple liners with the Picote Cannon Fast Lock System.

The Picote Cannon is a light, transparent tool to install CIPP linings. It allows the user to watch the lining process in real time as it happens.

Picote Cannon Fast Lock System (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) includes multiple inversion heads and a Fast Cap (included in the Cannon package).

Compact design to fit easily in tight spaces. Available in two lengths – Mini & Original. Fast and practical – constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate and aluminium. Easier to operate than standard inversion drums. Safe to use with two independent pressure release systems and a maximum operating pressure of 2 bars. Easy to transport and carry. Available with an option to insert a CCTV camera inside the cannon.

  • Picote Cannon Fast Lock System Packages (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”)
  • Picote Original Cannon / product code 2360000001 includes:
  • 3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.
  • Picote Mini Cannon / product code 2360000003 – includes:
  • 3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.
  • These products can also be purchased separately as additional or replacement parts.


picote cannon original


picote cannon

Selecting the correct Cannon for the work

picote cannon

Choose your inversion head according to the size of the original host pipe. The Picote Camlock system enables you to complete multiple installations without the need to wait for lining to cure. Picote Cannons are operated with compressed air. The maximum operation pressure is 2 bars (29 psi). Weight of the empty Original Cannon is 6.2 kg (14 lbs) and when full of resin impregnated felt the max. weight is 15 kg (33 lbs). Weight of the empty Mini Cannon is 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs) and full of resin impregnated felt the max. weight is 10 kg (22 lbs).


The Picote Original and Mini Cannon have been designed for installation of short Cured-in -Place (CIPP) linings and repairs for the inside of buildings. Available for the rehabilitation of pipe sizes up to DN100 (4”). Its transparent appearance and the ability to deploy a CCTV camera, inside the lining, during installation enables the engineers to successful install linings in difficult situations.

The in-built double pressure relief systems ensures the work is carried out safely.

STORAGE It is recemmended that Picote Cannon and Mini Cannon are stored indoors protected from rain and sunlight and in constant ambient temperature. Best way to store the machines is in the same box that the machine has been shipped. If Picote Cannon or Mini Cannon will be stored in colder environment than +10 o C (50 o F ), the Cannon should be stood at room temperature for 24hours before use. If Picote Cannon or Mini Cannon has been stored for long periods of time (over 2-3 months), it should be checked and tested prior to use.

Before starting work

Check the internal condition of the pipe and measure the length of it. Select the correct size inversion head and where required, place the CCTV camera inside the cannon. The CCTV camera can be installed inside the Cannon after lining has been inverted through the pipe, however, will have to be de-pressurized during the process. Ensure inflow of compressed air and check the operating pressure. The Cannon has built-in pressure relief system which prevents the pressure rising above 2 bars (29 psi). Cut the felt lining to the correct length and impregnate evenly with the resin. Place the impregnated lining inside the Cannon.

During use

Carefully release the pressure inside the Cannon and check that the lining runs smoothly inside the pipe. Regulate the air flow to control the speed at which the lining is inverted through the pipe. To ensure the lining accurately forms to the drain shape, decrease the operating pressure as the lining negotiates tight corners. If the CCTV camera was placed inside the Cannon you can see how the lining is progressing and check the quality of the end result.

After use

When the lining has been successfully installed inside the pipe, remove the Cannon. Use the Quick Lock Cap to ensure the lining stays pressurised until it is fully cured.


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picote cannon cap
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