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  • Evenly vacuum impregnate the lining with the resin.
  • Control the air pressure and inversion speed during installation—slow down when going around the bends.
  • Use the Curing Caps to enable the installation of multiple linings in a short period of time.
  • Use the Picote Sentinel System to warn engineers if pressure and/or electricity is lost allowing them time to react accordingly.
  • Weekly test the operation of the pressure relief valve.

The Picote Inversion Drum range has been designed for installation of short and medium-size Cured-in-Place (CIPP) linings and repairs for the inside of buildings. Available for the rehabilitation of pipe sizes from DN50 (2”) to DN250 (10”).

Choose your inversion head according to the size of the original host pipe.

The Picote Curing Cap system enables you to complete multiple installations without the need to wait for the lining to cure.

Picote Inversion Drums are operated with compressed air. The maximum operation pres-sure is 1 bars (14.5 psi).

  • Weight of the empty Inversion Drum 350 is 14 kg (31 lbs).
  • Weight of the empty Inversion Drum 500 is 38 kg (84 lbs).
  • Weight of the empty Inversion Drum 700 is 50 kg (110 lbs).

To facilitate the installation of the lining, we have developed various inversions heads for different purposes.


The inversion head is easy to remove. Use two Storz spanners, one on the Inversion Head and one to the connector. Turn the connector ¼ turn anticlockwise to remove. Turn the connector ¼ turn clockwise for mounting. Apply a small amount of grease to the lugs of the connector if it’s hard to attach.

Apply a couple of drops of cooking oil or soap on the rubber sealing. Wipe off any excess. See accessories list for available inversions and utilities.

Select the correct size inversion head. Ensure inflow of compressed air and check the operating pressure. The working pressure for the compressed air is adjusted with regulator and may under no circumstances shall exceed the maximum allowed pressure of 1 bar gauge pressure.

Ensure that an air compressor has sufficient capacity, up to 300 l / min free air delivery at 6 bar to enable the installation of the lining. Cut the felt lining to the correct length and vacuum impregnate evenly with the resin.

Lubricate the lining and place the impregnated lining inside the Picote Inversion Drum. Always use the brakes to lock the front wheels when the Picote Inversion Drum is parked. It is important that the Drum is standing still during installation and curing of the lining.

After use: When the lining has been successfully installed inside the pipe, remove the Picote Inversion Drum. Use the Curing Cap to ensure the lining stays pressurised until it is fully cured. It is strongly recommended to clean the Picote Inversion Drum immediately from resin spills and other dirt after the lining has been inverted. Spilt resin is easier to clean up while still fresh.


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